I'm a Full-Stack web developer who loves building responsive web designs that meet the clients needs.

Originally from Tenessee, I currently live in the Twin Cities. I work for the City of St.Paul. I enjoy cooking, trying new things, reading books, and playing videogames.

Labors Of Love

My current job keeps me pretty busy, but below are apps that I have worked on in my free time!


Shit Black Parents Say Lorem Ipsum Generator

Minneapolis Junior Devs website


Seshat Swap


Giphy API App

Recent Writings


100 Days, Racism, & Starting Over

What happens when a junior dev stops coding for 3 months? Learn about how unplugging from technology allowed me to grow immensely, and how I regained my faith in programming by completing a coding challenge. Tech Talk given at Minnebar in April 2019.


My Love of Semicolons

Last summer, I worked as an intern for a company called Software for Good. During my internship, I wrote about my love of semicolons, and how programming has made me enjoy semicolons more.


The Jr. Dev's Guide To Surviving The 100 Days Of Code Challenge

A post about surviving the 100 Days Of Code Challenge. This article was originally given as a talk at the Minneapolis Jr. Dev Meetup in July 2019


The Universe Will Align

For my final week of my internship with Software For Good, I wrote the Theme Of The Week. The blog post is about seeing the positive of “moving on.” I loved writing it. I hope you enjoy!


My 2nd Time Doing The 100 Days Of Code Challenge post about participating in the 100 days of code challenge a second time. I'm doing the challenge for the second time in a year. :


Minneapolis DevOps Conference Talk 2019

Ignite Talk given at the 2019 Minneapolis DevOps Conference. This is a 5 minute version of the '100 Days, Racism, and Starting Over' talk that I originally gave at Minnebar.